About W.I.M.


Auditor – Certified internal auditor and risk management assurance specialist with over a decade of experience in program performance auditing, primarily focused on law enforcement, criminal justice, and related fields.

Data Analyst – Uses qualitative and quantitative analysis to rely on facts to form opinions rather than opinions to form facts. Enrolling in a MS in Business Analytics graduate program in the Fall of 2016 to further supplement training in this field.

PodcasterTwoGuysOneShow is the main platform used to discuss debt management and career advice along with Rich of TheFreedomChase.com.

Freelance Writer – Prior pieces have covered a wide variety of topics, from dating and relationships to debt management and finances. In 2010, W.I.M. completely paid off over $30,000 in debt andis  working on an e-book documenting multiple lessons learned from this experience. For other writing submissions or requests, please use the Contact Page.


W.I.M. was born and raised in the great state of Texas, where after running and surviving the mean streets of the suburbs, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business. There are other miscellaneous details to his upbringing, but what is most important is the fact that W.I.M. was born in the 80s. According to most generic, stereotypical assessments of the Millennial generation – the best sources to extrapolate sweeping conclusions from – W.I.M. is spoiled, of average education, lacks focus and discipline, is extremely apathetic, narcissistic, lazy, and in constant need of unearned praise and affection.

Unfortunately, W.I.M. is not intelligent enough to understand what any of that means. Perhaps more troubling, he is far too indifferent to correct these misplaced assumptions nor does he care enough to try. Instead, W.I.M. will humbly collect his participation trophy and continue on with life.

W.I.M. is unmarried, has no kids and owns no pets, which might or might not all be related. When he is not working, W.I.M. can usually be found spending most days daydreaming about what he would do if he had the money to do all the things he daydreams about doing. For reasons unknown, if you wish to contact W.I.M. you can do so through the Contact Page; podcast: TwoGuysOneShow ; or Twitter: @TGOSPodcast.

Why Wisdom Is Misery?

Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 provides an adequate explanation: “Solomon tried all things, and found them vanity. He found his searches after knowledge weariness, not only to the flesh, but to the mind. The more he saw of the works done under the sun, the more he saw their vanity; and the sight often vexed his spirit. He could neither gain that satisfaction to himself, nor do that good to others, which he expected. Even the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom discovered man’s wickedness and misery; so that the more he knew, the more he saw cause to lament and mourn.”

Simply stated, if ignorance is bliss, then wisdom is misery.